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Different Character Archetypes.

Whether we are looking at SpongeBob or Shakespeare, there are these common character archetypes that do appear in stories across cultures and time as well. Archetypes are either classified or characterized by the role that they serve or perhaps, their purpose in the story. Classical archetypes of good story do include an antagonist and a protagonist, the sidekick, the mentor and also, love interest.

We will be discussing briefly of these archetypes and to how animation studios bring them to life.


This is the main character in the show, movie or story. For more info on Character Archetypes, click here. In most cases, the character turns out as a hero. Usually, it is quick to identify who the protagonist is as the storyline is revolving around them as well as their lives, internal conflicts and problems.

The protagonist is extremely important. They are not always the heroes of the story but at times, they're the focal point in the show or even in advertisement. Protagonists are usually on the "good side" of the story and it follows the moral compass to which many consider to be good.


This is a classical form of storytelling that features a main character who is known as protagonist and will be discussed in a short while. Such character will enter the story first and then, the antagonist. This character is usually depicted to be the villain or bad guy. Antagonists bring entertainment and moral conflict to light. This as a result puts the hero at fork in moral road.


The objective of the sidekick was referred once as a close companion of the protagonist. This role dated back for more than a century. The main character is seeking not just friendship but also, companion along their adventure.

Yet another trope common to sidekicks is infusing the story with humor. Click this website to read more about Character Archetypes. This is true especially among animated characters.


Mentor is typically a big help to the protagonist regardless of the story. They are guarding or protecting them during their journey or big quest which typically involves physical harmful obstacles and emotionally harmful obstacles. They might take in different forms. Oftentimes, they are imagined as aged and grey-haired man but at times, mentors take unexpected forms.

Love Interests

This character may be overlooked but also, it plays a significant role in the story. They're the person whom the main character usually fall in love with. They serve as the catalyst in the protagonist's adventure. Depending on the goal of protagonist, the person who's their love interest may either be a mentor or source of motivation. Learn more from

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